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Custom Made Metal Flashings – 239-910-7760

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Flashings are used on exterior walls but primarily on roofs. They can be made from many materials, including tin, copper, galvanized metal, plastic, wood and lead.

They can be described  as a transitional material. When a flashing is used on a roof, it typically is used to transition from the roofing material to something that is not a roof. For example, you need flashing where a skylight, chimney, dormer, plumbing vent or air vent extends through a roof. The roofing material stops where these elements go through the roof, and something must connect them to the roof so there is no leak.

Here’s why the metal flashing is so important. You have to think about how roof shingles — or feathers on a duck — work to get a full understanding.

The reason ducks and birds stay dry is because of the way their feathers overlap. Water can’t get under the feathers to the duck’s skin. That keeps them warm and dry. That’s where the phrase “like water off a duck’s back” comes from. Water readily flows off the duck because of the composition of the feathers and the overlapping layering.

To keep your house dry so it doesn’t rot, you need to build it the same way. This goes for exterior siding as well as roofing. Each time you transition between materials — be they foundation, siding, brick, windows, doors or what have you — you need to make sure each material sheds water over the top of the material below and doesn’t let it behind or under it.

Metal flashings made in house at 911 Metals in Southwest Florida